With the global economy moving out of the doldrums of the dreaded GFC economies, markets and people in general have become more positive in the past 6 months than they have since the crisis hit in 2007.

We’re very lucky in Perth to have weathered the storm better than most, protected by the resources boom, and here the property investment market has certainly shown healthy growth since the middle of 2013.

With interest rates so low, returns from savings in the bank are not what any of us would like them to be and this means investors are returning to property and shares to build wealth. At Iconic Home Loans we have a team who offer great experience and depth of knowledge in investment loans.

We have helped literally hundreds of investors finance their new property and because we can search the market from over 25 lenders, we are able to find our clients the loan that is exactly right for their financial and personal situation. Investment is like anything else in life, different people have different needs and preferences.

If you are buying or building your first investment property, there are a number of key factors you should consider. Taxation is a major part of entering the investment world because you need to know and understand any potential tax liabilities that may arise when you enter the investment world. We recommend you always seek independent taxation and financial advice before you take the plunge.

It’s important to research different areas to purchase or build your new investment property because different suburbs offer different options. Potential capital growth? What are the demographics of the suburb? Schools, shops, hospitals, infrastructure, public transport, proximity to the nearest town centre? All these factors are important when looking at building or buying an investment property.

Iconic Home Loans have highly qualified finance brokers who can walk you through the entire finance application process. We can help calculate the amount you can borrow taking into account your income, current liabilities, employment situation, even the potential rental income the new property will receive. Whatever your plans might be for entering into property investment, make sure you speak to people who can help keep it simple, smart and streamlined.