New Year, New Car!

New Year, New Car!

It’s that time of year again when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead. Have you drawn up plans for the year? Is upgrading your vehicle on the agenda? We can help!

We all know the feeling of buying something new, the new smell and the new feel.  Buying a new car is the same, and what better time to embrace that new car feeling than the New Year?

That new car feeling is only one of the benefits of buying a new car, here are a few others to get you thinking…

  • Your old car may be unreliable or quite heavy on fuel. Purchasing a new car this year could allow you to ditch those regular trips to the mechanics and save yourself some money on fuel. Is the fuel consumption of your vehicle something you have considered?

    The link below can help you determine how much petrol your vehicle uses, and how much you could possibly save by investing in a more economic car -
    Find and Compare Cars

  • Like everything cars are always evolving, things such new and improved safety features and cool gadgets are frequently being added to help you enjoy the ride more instead of just getting you from A to B. Some examples of these modern features are:
    1. Higher safety ratings;
    2. Additional airbags;
    3. Reversing cameras;
    4. In car navigation systems;
    5. In car Bluetooth and Communication features;
    6. Central locking and improved alarm systems;
    7. Improved air conditioning (a HUGE benefit on those 40 degree days we all know about);
    8. Leather seats; and,
    9. Overall improved vehicle performance.

  • And of course with a new vehicle you know you are the first owner, and that the car hasn’t been in any accidents or been mistreated by unknown drivers.  

The benefits of a finance pre-approval when going to buy a car from a dealership?

When buying your new car, you may come to the issue of finance and start wondering “what are the best interest rates?” or “what will the monthly repayments be?”. Our vehicle and asset finance manager Matthew Elwood has everything he needs to be able to answer all these questions. With access to a panel of lenders and a number of awesome products, Matthew can listen to your needs and then search around to find you the most suitable financial solution available to you. He can even help you locate a vehicle if you have something in mind but haven’t found it yet.

Gaining a finance pre-approval through Matt will enable you to go into dealerships with more bargaining power over those sometimes pushy sales reps (that we all know love to suck us in). Matt will be able to help you every step of the way to make sure you get a good deal! *

So if you’re looking to upgrade your ride for the year ahead, iconic vehicle finance is excited and ready to help.

Our team are able to help with all purchases, whether the vehicle be new or older, or from a dealership or a private seller. We could even help you get your hands on that new motorbike or jet ski you’ve had your eye on.

Whatever you plan on purchasing for the New Year, give iconic vehicle finance a call today on 1300 663 943 to see how we can assist. Alternatively, you can email our finance manager Matthew on with your enquiry.

Thanks for reading guys, enjoy the rest of the week and have a lovely weekend.

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