Customer Rewards

Earn $$ as a valued Iconic customer

As a valued client of Iconic Home Loans the biggest compliment you can give us is to use our services for your recurring financial needs, and refer your friends, family and colleagues for assistance with their financial needs.

To show our appreciation for your repeat and referred business we have developed a customer rewards program, R3: Repeat Refer Reward.

For each time you settle a new loan with Iconic, or refer someone for a loan, we pay you on settlement of the loan. We pay you $250 on settlement of a new home loan and $50 on settlement of a new car loan*.

Help us to help you

The more you repeat and the more you refer, the more money you make. The principle behind this is ‘help us to help you.’ We want you to be able to make money as a result of our ongoing relationship. As such, we reward you with $1,000 when you reach a total of 10 home loan referrals**.

Extending that help with charitable contributions

At Iconic we recognise that in today's world there are people that need help more than us, or you. It is because of this that we also donate money to charity each time we pay you for your repeat or referred business.

We have partnered with three charities, and each time you are rewarded you will be asked to nominate one of these charities for your donation to be paid to. This is on top of the reward that we are already giving you!

We donate $50 each time you successfully refer or repeat a home loan and $10 each time you refer or repeat a car loan***. Iconic will keep you in the loop with how much money has been donated to each charity so you can keep track of the difference that you are helping make to the lives of those that need it.

Refer a friend

*Iconic reward you each time you repeat a home or car loan with us, and each time you refer a friend to us and they settle a new home or car loan. $250 is paid following settlement of your new home loan, and $50 is paid following settlement of your new car loan. Each loan must be a new loan and this excludes only topping up your loan. To qualify for reward payment for repeat business you must be an existing client and already have a loan put in place by Iconic Home Loans. For referred business you will be paid $250 following settlement of the referred customers home loan, and $50 following settlement of the referred customer's car loan. To qualify for reward payment the settled repeat or referred loan must exceed the minimum loan amount - minimum home loan amount is $200,000 and minimum car loan amount is $15,000. All approvals are subject to applicant meeting lending criteria and all approvals are at the discretion of the lender. All rewards due are paid at the end of the month following the month in which the repeat or referred loan settled. All reward payments are at the discretion of Iconic Home Loans. **Each time you successfully repeat and refer business with Iconic and are rewarded as per above, Iconic Home Loans will also donate money to a charity of your choice (you'll be asked to choose from the panel of charities that we support). Iconic will donate $50 to the charity of your choice for each repeat or referred home loan, and $10 for each repeat or referred car loan.