Insure My Home

When the unexpected happens are you financially prepared to replace or repair your lost or damaged asset, property or vehicles?

For Iconic Home Loans protecting your personal assets is just as important as arranging the finance to buy them.  We understand how hard you work for assets like your home, contents, investment property, car, boat or caravan and our Perth insurance staff can help you to arrange insurance for all of these assets. 

Let Iconic take you through it. Our tailored insurance solutions include the ability to pay premiums monthly or annually, meaning that peace of mind and protection of your most loved assets is accessible now.

Some events that can give cause for claim for our home & contents policies include:

  • Fire, flood, storm
  • Burglary, theft or housebreaking
  • Lightening or explosion 
  • Earthquake, rainwater, wind/storm damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Impact from falling trees, vehicles or aircraft
  • Breakage of fixed glass
  • Accidental damage (This generally gives wider cover for accidental loss or damage unless stated as excluded)

Have peace of mind and let Iconic Home Loans take you through the insurance application process so that you can rest assured that you are covered should the worst happen.

Once you have accepted the quotation, our insurer will contact you to discuss the levels of cover and answer any questions so you can make a well informed decision.

Please contact us now for a detailed written quotation so we can complete your insurance needs without delay.

Landlord’s Cover

For our property investors, Iconic Home Loans can help with Landlord’s Insurance. This insurance will help protect your new investment against similar events to home and contents insurance, but this is designed specifically for landlords who rent property to tenants. 

In some cases it is possible to protect against non payment of rent or damage to your property caused by a tenant. 

Please contact us for a detailed written quotation and further information. 

Cars, Boats & Caravans

In addition to insuring your home & contents, Iconic Home Loans can insure other valuable assets including motor vehicles, boats and caravans. On some occasions combining your insurance cover for all your needs can attract discounts from the insurer for combined cover.  

Please contact us for a detailed written quotation and further information.