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car finance

Yes, Iconic Home Loans have the resources here to do far more than home loans and property finance. In fact, we can take care of most financial things for you and it makes sense for you to handle everything through a single point of contact.

We have brokers who know their way around car finance and can present you with some excellent options to get you into your new set of wheels and onto the streets of Perth.


While property investment is perhaps the safest in the long term, it is certainly not the only way to build wealth. Our team can help you invest and grow your money with options including Managed Funds and Equities.

Our integrity, discretion and instinct for high yield opportunities is what makes our investment services exceptional in the Western Australian industry and beyond.


Protecting what’s yours. That’s what it’s all about. And peace of mind. We offer insurance products to cover all the high value assets in your life, from your home and car to your life and salary.


‘Super’, is a way to save money for your future, to fund your retirement so you’re not dependent on the social security system to maintain the superb lifestyle we enjoy here in Western Australia.

People often think super is a type of investment. In fact, superannuation is the framework through which you invest. Through super you can hold a range of investments including shares, property and cash. Many investments that are held outside of superannuation can also be held within super.  

The reason superannuation is so attractive is because it receives favourable tax treatment when you are working and when you have retired. The Government offers these tax savings to encourage you to build your superannuation assets.

self managed superannuation fund

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) gives you control over who invests your money for you. A wide range of assets can be held inside a SMSF, including property, art and shares.

If you would like to build up a property portfolio or simply want more control over your retirement savings, a Self Managed Super Fund could be a great option for you.


The beauty of pensions is that any Capital Gains and Income generated by the investment held within a Pension are tax free, plus after the age of 60 any income drawn down from a Pension is also tax free.

Imagine buying an investment property, holding it until your retirement, and then selling without being taxed on your profits. The right financial planning can make this possible.