Poor Credit History

It common for many of us to experience some of life's set backs, whether that is losing a job and falling behind on mortgage or rent, credit cards or car loans, a business that doesn’t work out, a marriage breakdown or illness.

The end result for some people can be a poor credit file and the feeling of no where to go to find a home or car loan.

Not many people are aware that there are several lenders that specialise in clients with:

  • Defaults
  • Court writs
  • Mortgage/loan arrears
  • Bankruptcy
  • Missed or late payments on credit facilities

Iconic specialise in this type of lending and our brokers are able to navigate their way around the lending options that may be available. 

Because each client’s situation is unique, there is a matrix of different options, lenders and products available and our brokers are highly trained to take you through them all.

Self Employed 

Many self employed clients also find it hard to meet the criteria of the main lenders.

Either being self employed for a short time, even as much as 6 months, can cause major headaches in obtaining a home loan.

Additionally many self employed people haven't prepared financial statements and can't show evidence of their income when they want to buy a home or refinance their existing home loan to consolidate debt or buy an investment property.

Most lenders won't also allow clients to borrow funds on their home to use for business purposes. Iconic have lending options to refinance and borrow additional funds that you can use for business purposes, whether that be for cash flow injection or to fit out a new or existing premises.

Iconic are the experts when it comes to clients who are directors of companies, are in partnerships or are sole traders and who don't meet normal lending criteria.

With such a large portion of the population being self employed it is essential that there are options for this segment of the market to obtain finance.

Whether you've been self employed for a short time or simply can't prove income via financials help is here. Book an appointment with a lending specialist now so that we can help you find finance asap.

Purpose of loans for self employed:

1. Purchase property 

2. Purchase land & build new home 

3. Purchase or build investment property 

4. Refinance & borrow additional funds for home improvements, debt consolidation 

5. Refinance & pay out ATO debts

6. Refinance & cash out equity for business purposes e.g cash flow injection, purchase of equipment/stock, fit out premises etc. 

Finance For Debt Consolidation / ATO Debts

Most lenders require us to jump through many hoops when needing to consolidate their debts and often simply can't assist at all.

This is especially the case when it comes to paying out ATO debts or consolidating loans or credit cards that have had a less than perfect payment history. The majority of the main lenders requiring 3-6 month statements on every facility being refinanced as evidence of good conduct. Iconic have options and our specially trained brokers in finance for the self employed can assist you in getting into your dream home sooner.