People refinance in Perth for all sorts of reasons and a common one is to reduce interest payments by getting a better rate. Our team of brokers have over 20 lenders to choose from and we do all the searching based on your situation. That’s how we find the most suitable product for you. Lenders are very competitive right now and that means a better solution is probably out there so let us find it for you.

You can also refinance to change the type of interest rate and with fixed rates at their lowest in years this is a popular strategy. You can ‘lock in’ your rate for anywhere between 1 to 7 years. You might also like to look at options for changing the repayment method, for example from interest only to principal and interest. You can also change to a loan product with a line of credit, and offset account or redraw if your current product doesn't already offer these features.

Refinancing is also a good way to extend your loan and access additional funds for things like home improvements, debt consolidation, paying tax debts, funding a business or buying a new car. Other reasons for refinancing include releasing equity to use as a deposit to buy or build an investment property.

Whatever your reasons or future plans, we can help you look at your refinancing options and find solutions that work for you. Our Perth refinance team can introduce you to an Iconic financial planner who can work with your refinancing to create debt recycling strategies and debt management or a home loan accelerator plans where the interest savings are compounded back into the loan to achieve faster repayment.  

Our licensed financial planners can also work with you to make sure you meet your financial goals like finalising your home loan when you want it to end, achieving retirement plans, advise on a range of investments, risk insurances, estate planning and much more.