Superannuation & SMSF Loans

‘Super’ is a way to save money for your future, to fund your retirement so you’re not dependent on the social security system to maintain the superb lifestyle we enjoy here in Perth.

People often think super is a type of investment. In fact, superannuation is the framework through which you invest. Through super you can hold a range of investments including shares, property and cash. Many investment stat are held outside of superannuation can also be held within super.

With more and more of us changing jobs more frequently we are more likely than ever to hold more than one Superannuation fund, and plenty of people hold several funds. Our financial planners can review this for you because holding several funds may mean you are paying additional fees and that is not the best strategy for your retirement planning.  Consolidating your super funds may save you a lot of money in fees and make it easier to keep track of your savings. 

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) gives you control over who invests your money for you. A wide range of assets can be held inside a SMSF, including property, art and shares.

If you would like to build up a property portfolio or simple want more control over your retirement savings,m a Self Managed Super Fund could be a great option for you.

Our planners can help you look at the SMSF options and decide on the solution that works best for your situation.

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